...air charter solutions with one call

VIP and Executive Charter
We can dispatch Executive Charter aircraft that meet and exceed your expectations. Complete catering options are available at your request.

Prepare your presentation material or have your meeting at 20,000 ft, while you travel; 1-105 passengers in cabin-class comfort at speeds between 250 and 450 miles (400 and 750 km) per hour.

Crew Changes or Large Groups
Whatever the distance, we have aircraft that can move your work crew or group into position safely, effectively and cost-efficiently. Whether you have 2 passengers that must go, 22 or 102, Charter Solutions has the experience to get the job done.

Hot Shot
People or equipment that have to move 'NOW ' is how we look at 'hotshots'. Until it is delivered we aren't happy. We'll follow your charter load, so you don't have to. Whether it's a 10 oz. microprocessor or 5,000 lb. of important equipment, we know the right aircraft to do the job.

Email or call with your requested destination, and let us offer you our air charter solution.