...air charter solutions with one call

Q: How do I go about arranging an air charter with you?

A: Quite simply, you make one call to our contact numbers and we will look after it from there. Once we receive the necessary information from you (timing, load, contacts), we immediately assess the necessary aircraft requirements and set about organizing the logistics. We quote you a price for these services and with your approval the plans are put into motion.

Q: What happens after that?

A: We are on the job immediately, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We can and do help the crew order any desired catering, or even determine the acceptability of 'dangerous goods'. As possible, we are on location to assist with loading or unloading of that equipment cargo. We'll meet your crews, and advise you the client, on aircraft performance, comfort or luggage limitations. In the event that weather or loads change, we assist you with frequent 'communication' (as desired), and will advise you in making alternate aircraft or airport arrangements. All this to see your trip completed successfully.

Q: What geographic areas does your service cover?

A: Although we are located in Central Alberta, Canada, there is no geographic restriction on our service. We do presently contain ourselves to North American operations. We can fly your passengers, from Dallas in the south to Nunavut in the north. We can fly your freight from Halifax to San Diego. You name it .. if there is an accessible airport nearby, we can do the job.

Q: What experience do you offer our company?

A: Our logistical manager has a 45 year association with aviation. For the past 22 years, he has been serving clients to benefit their individual business activities through the use of charter aircraft.

Q: Are the aircraft you use, Transport Canada certified?

A: An excellent question. Canadian skies are some of the safest in the world, especially considering the vast remote areas of our country. This is due in part to the serious inspection of Canadian air operators by Transport Canada, our Federal Governing department; and by the commitment of Canadian air operators to safety and the continued growth of our industry through public trust. Charter Solutions utilizes only Transport Canada approved operators, flying Transport Canada certified aircraft, who also must then show evidence of professional operating practices to meet our own high criteria.

Q: How do we pay for your service?

A: Should time permit, we will require a signed credit application to process for billing purposes. Apart from that we accept bank wire transfers or certified cheques.

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